Opportunity Knocks

When opportunity knocks…answer the door!
We are definitely living in interesting times. No time in recent history has a negative U.S market created such a great opportunity for Canadians to be buying a home or refinancing an existing home or to consolidate those pesky credit cards and other debts.
The slowing of the U.S. recovery and their most recent decision to keep low interest rates until 2013 combined with our strong resource based economy and strong dollar, creates an unprecedented opportunity to buy and mortgage real estate.
The Bank of Canada has been in an uncomfortable position of balancing increasing household Canadian debt and a strong dollar so are being pressured to keep rates at historical low levels. I have access to many lenders thru Mortgage Alliance, who are able to offer you rates and options like never before. Save thousands of dollars by refinancing or switching your mortgage.
Call or email me today to discuss your next move and don’t miss out on this truly interesting time.  Opportunity is knocking!

About wojciechpianka

After a few years of studying English and History at the University of Toronto, I decided to transfer to Ryerson University and pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree. While studying, I worked various jobs where I acquired many skills. Starting as a teller at Scotiabank, I moved on to being a manager of a restaurant, admin staff at a medical clinic, a sales agent for INGDirect and a manager at One King West Hotel. While all these jobs challenged me, I never felt my potential being utilized. Finally in 2008, I completed the Ontario Mortgage Agent Course and signed up with The Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada. This was a great decision, as it allowed me to use the skills I learned working to help people achieve their real estate and financial goals. My passion for real estate and numbers has lead me to becoming a mortgage agent. Growing up in New York City, I always had a fascination of historic buildings and skyscrapers. At 21, I bought my 1st property and have been investing in real estate ever since. I firmly believe thru steady, safe and conservative investing a one can obtain long term financial wealth. One day, I hope to develop the same buildings I help clients purchase.
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