Testimonial From a Recent Seminar

A testimonial from a recent seminar I did with Larissa Doherty from Bosley Real Estate

“I am writing to provide a reference on behalf of Larissa Doherty and Wojciech Pianka. I am the Treasurer of a condominium corporation located (on) Bay Street, Toronto. I know Larissa and Wojciech as residents of the condominium and in their capacity as volunteers to the Social Committee of the Corporation.

As part of its programming, the Social Committee runs a series of free, introductory-level educational seminars that are designed to be of interest to our general community. On March 20, 2010, Larissa and Wojceich volunteered to host one of these seminars on the topic of “First Time Homebuyers”, a primer for those who are looking to enter the residential real estate market for the first time.

Larissa and Wojceich provided an excellent presentation. Their seminar discussed the general market trends in downtown Toronto, the home buying process, financing options, and the various government programs available to assist first time homebuyers. They were extremely knowledgeable, as they both have a professional connection to the residential real estate industry. However, I wish to emphasize that at no time during the seminar did Larissa or Wojceich attempt to solicit business or advertise their services. The attendees found Larissa and Wojceich to be very approachable during the question and-answer portion of the seminar.

The feedback from the session was strongly positive, and we would welcome having them repeat their presentation in the future.”


James R.

Thank you James for taking the time to work with us. Much appreciated.



About wojciechpianka

After a few years of studying English and History at the University of Toronto, I decided to transfer to Ryerson University and pursue a Bachelor of Commerce degree. While studying, I worked various jobs where I acquired many skills. Starting as a teller at Scotiabank, I moved on to being a manager of a restaurant, admin staff at a medical clinic, a sales agent for INGDirect and a manager at One King West Hotel. While all these jobs challenged me, I never felt my potential being utilized. Finally in 2008, I completed the Ontario Mortgage Agent Course and signed up with The Mortgage Alliance Company of Canada. This was a great decision, as it allowed me to use the skills I learned working to help people achieve their real estate and financial goals. My passion for real estate and numbers has lead me to becoming a mortgage agent. Growing up in New York City, I always had a fascination of historic buildings and skyscrapers. At 21, I bought my 1st property and have been investing in real estate ever since. I firmly believe thru steady, safe and conservative investing a one can obtain long term financial wealth. One day, I hope to develop the same buildings I help clients purchase.
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